This is our most popular package. Blast your favorite tunes in crystal clear sound on a capable wireless bluetooth speaker. Connect a microphone to be heard over your guest. Light up your event with your name or custom word with Marquee letter lights, 6 up-lights, and dynamic sound activated dance floor lights. Display virtually any media with our HD Projector or screen mirror from your Apple or Android device. Enjoy to coolest party trend in the industry…THE BUBBLE HOUSE!! This Instagram worthy experience is great for guest both young and old #handaevents 😉


A microphone is essential at a party as it elevates the overall entertainment experience. It enables the host to make announcements, engage with the crowd, and create an interactive atmosphere. Whether it’s to toast to a special occasion, lead group activities, or simply energize the gathering, a microphone ensures that everyone can hear and participate, making the party more enjoyable and memorable for all. It adds an

Bubble House

The Bubble House has a clear dome providing 360 views to take pics of your kids or capture Instagram moments. Your Bubble House rental comes with custom colored balloons to match your event theme. The entrance stays inflated without power for safe exit. Uplights are available for evening events to add an extra pop! (additional fees apply)

Marquee Letters

Marquee letter lights can enhance a party by adding a captivating and personalized aesthetic to the event. These illuminated letters or symbols become a focal point, offering a visually striking and Instagram-worthy backdrop. They infuse the atmosphere with a warm and inviting glow, setting the tone for celebration and creating memorable photo opportunities. Whether spelling out names, phrases, or themes, marquee lights bring a touch of sophistication and charm, making any party feel more special and unique.

4 x White Uplights

These wireless uplights can really elevate a rooms mood. You can customize each lights color. You can also choose from a variety of different light modes including Music Syncing!

HD Projector

Whether you’re hosting a dance party, a movie night, or a themed event, the HD projector adds an element of entertainment. It allows you to display vibrant visuals, music videos, or custom graphics that synchronize with the music. Connect your media through USB, HDMI, or screen mirror with Apple or Android.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Good for up to 75 people. This speaker is versatile. It can be used with the wireless mic for vocals, instruments, speach, or your favorite tunes. Connect your devices via bluetooth or headphone jack. 

Dance Floor Lights

These dance floor lights completely change the atmosphere of any event with dancing or music. These lights react to music automatically. 

Audio Guest Book

This cute Audio Guest Book allows your guest to leave a message. You will receive a copy of all the recordings after your event to keep.

Giant Connect Four

This classic game is way more fun in this giant format. At 3ft tall this game will be a great addition to any party

Corn Hole Set

A classic game anyone can enjoy. The set include to corn holes and 4 bags per team.

Giant Ballon Stand

These Giant Balloons add a pop of fun to your event.